Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Ormskirk Has Got The Edge support video - Three years on from the Mary Portas Pilot town bid.

The Ormskirk Has Got The Edge video, first produced in 2012, has been updated with subtitles for the hearing impaired and for speakers of English as a foreign language.

I originally filmed this video back in March 2012.  It was a week before the deadline to submit the bid proposal to the Portas Pilot scheme and the video was originally filmed to form part of the bid proposal.  More on that later!  The video was shot very quickly and came together thanks to the support and help of it's many contributors.

Three years on and I am in the process of adding subtitles to all the travel videos, holiday video diaries, community stories and interviews on my Life In Another Town YouTube channel.  While typing the transcription of the dialogue in the video and repeatedly having to watch the video again and again, it caused me to think back to that time and contemplate where we are now, three years later.  Now the shouting and fanfare has died down, what has been achieved?

Thursday, February 12, 2015

HD French Alps - l'Aiguille du Midi in France with subtitles

Heather and I were holidaying in France in the French Alps, during the summer of 2013.  We stayed at a camp site by the winter ski resort of Chamonix.  Despite Heather not being overly keen on heights, she overcame her fear and we ascended the Aiguille du Midi mountain by cable car.

In the video you can see climbers returning back from an expedition in the mountains.  They all are wearing special clothes and carrying climbing equipment, such as ice picks, ropes, crampons, helmets, emergency shelter, food, water, perhaps a GPS and two-way radio.

l'Aiguille de Midi, Chamonix in the French Alps
From where we were, high up on one of the cable car terraces, the elevation above sea level is around 3000 metres.  As you can see, we were very lucky, the alpine views were spectacular as the weather was fine, with clear blue skies and bright sunshine.

If you fancy a trip up the Aiguille du Midi cable car, you'll find it in the French town of Chamonix.  Although you might have only considered the Alps as a winter skiing destination, in the Summertime the scenery is beautiful and the views are amazing.

By the way, if you find listening to my voice a bit of a chore, then you'll be happy to know that subtitles and captions can be found for your reading pleasure throughout the video.  

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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Kite flying at Beacon Country Park near Upholland in West Lancashire

Beacon Country Park near Upholland in West Lancashire is a great venue for Kite flying: plenty of room, lots of wind.

There is a kite festival held here, in the summer, every year.  You can find out more at the Visit Lancashire website.

My wife and I bought a kite line reel winder and these videos show us experimenting with it and our kite.  We found that trying to unwind the kite line and then bring the kite line back in again with just the plastic handle was a bit of a hassle, especially when you might have dozens of metres of line.  The kite reel works along the same idea as fishing rod reel.  It was a real improvement.  Although we did find that in the strong wind, the small handle could have been a bit bigger, to provide a bit more torque to bring the kite down.  Heather also found that woollen gloves are not a match for handling nylon line.  We really advise you to use some strong protective gloves to prevent line burn.  The reel cost about £7 online and it was worth the money.  You can find the reel on Ebay or Amazon.

Kite flying in Beacon Country Park Upholland West Lancashire

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